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The Importance of Repentance in the Welsh Revival

Originally Songs of Revival: Hungry After God Himself was titled Songs of the Welsh Revival. Then the Asbury Outpouring began. As I write we're one year after the 298th hour of continuous worship, testimony, preaching, Scripture reading, Salvation, and rededication. We kn...

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Reposting Dutch Sheets

Shortly after my first article in my series on the importance of repentance in revival (#ImportanceOfRepentanceInRevival) Dutch Sheets posted a powerful teaching about what repentance is and how revival removes the veil which prevents people from repenting. As I...

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The Power of Persistent Prayer

Today Joyce's latest article ran on

The Power of Persistent Prayer

Lord, thank You for encouraging us in the “long-term” prayers. May we be like the persistent widow, knocking on Your door.

“Crack the Dome!”

This came to me as a whisper as I rested in my YMCA room in Jerusalem. I...

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Contending for the Next Generation

Every time Joyce and I lead prayer for Intercessors for America it's a tremendous blessing, but today felt particularly weighty, since our children are under such attack. As our host Judy McDonough brought out on the program, throughout all five decades of IFA prayers have gone up for the next gener...

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Shining Light in Darkness
Joyce and I were both on Headline Prayer Live today covering the latest articles on, including three we wrote.
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Pray for Israel
Joyce turned her article in on Thursday, before the horrific war on Israel began. Today's Headline Prayer Live was completely focused on prayer for Israel, but Joyce shared an overview of her article in light of how we must be praying from pure hearts. Here's Joyce's article...
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"It's Not 'Just a Movie': The Power of Media to Shape Culture"
Plus: "It's Not 'Just a Movie': The Power of Media to Shape Culture" Today Joyce and I had articles that led the list of Intercessors for America’s The Informer. Here’s Joyce’s: Lord, conform us into the image of Jesus. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, that we might overcome...
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Healing from Sex Trafficking Can Happen
Last Tuesday Joyce and I were both on Intercessors for America's program Headline Prayer Live covering our articles and others. Joyce wrote about whistleblowers, and I wrote about the film Don't Say My Name.
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Praying with Priestly Power
Yesterday morning Joyce's article "Praying with Priestly Power" was posted to, and Joyce talked about it as the host of Headline Prayer Live. Judy McDonough, who typically hosts the program, was away, and I was, too...
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Dump Anxiety and Sound the Alarm
Today Joyce and I were on Headline Prayer Live, covering our stories and others from Here's Joyce's article: Dump Anxiety and Give Him Your ‘Stuff’...
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 On today's Headline Prayer Live we covered a great number of topics facing America and the world today, including two articles Joyce and I wrote. 

Here's Joyce's:
Prayer for the Lost
Lord, point those who need salvation toward the mercies of the Savior. Let them mourn their sin and tur...
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A blessed St. Patrick's Day to you! If you haven’t seen it, or want to be blessed and recalibrated again, enjoy one of the one-man plays that launched my career:

Tuesday morning Part 1 of my article about Intercessors for America's Call Team posted to www.HeadlinePray...
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On Friday I posted about the Collegiate Day of Prayer, but we were watching Jesus Revolutionwhile it was being streamed Thursday night. Friday night we watched the CDOP service. WOW! It's a real taste of the Asbury Outpouring! We had revival break out in our living room! 

They included many ...
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Joyce and I were on Intercessors for America's  Headline Prayer Live today and covered two of our articles, which ran today on Here's Joyce's:

Lord, strike Satan’s dominion with our prayers by lighting them with the fire of heaven and the pow...
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On Tuesday Joyce and I each had an article post on

Mine was based on an interview I did with Fred Defoy about his study on joy. His wife, Johanna Defoy, worked with me to coach actors on their French accents for Washington's Armor. She recommended me to Fred as a Joy ...
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For our last Headline Prayer Live of the year Intercessors for America reran our Thanksgiving episode, in which Joyce and I were on a team of intercessors reporting on answered prayer for the year.

This morning IFA posted a blog post I've been updating since 2012: " Take this Challenge in 2...
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Joyce and I were on Headline Prayer Live today, covering six articles, including some of our own. Joyce wrote two articles on Intercessors for America's Policy & Prayer Summit: " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors’ Wars" and " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors Speak." I w...
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Today was our first appearance on Headline Prayer Live... only because that's the new name of Pray with Others Live, which we've been on for a while. The new name is a better description of what we do: lead people in praying through articles posted to

We had an ...
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