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10.31.23 04:02 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Stop the Satanic Steal

Joyce and I were both on Headline Prayer Live today covering the latest articles on, including three we wrote.

Joyce's newest article was the headline for today's The Informer: 

"Stop the Satanic Steal"

Lord, we call a halt to the march of death, murder, and destruction in the Middle East. We cancel all demonic assignments and call forth workers to bring in the harvest.

Satan plans to accelerate the end times in an effort to block the billion-soul harvest. So the Evil One is blowing on the conflict in the Middle East to cause a conflagration that would rob millions of the opportunity to respond to the gospel.

[Click here to read the whole article...]

Intercessors for America also ran an article Joyce wrote two years ago:

"Reclaim America from a Spirit of Death"
Father, we reclaim October. Let Your judgment rest upon the evils of Halloween. Take back the harvest and the harvest months.

I used to love autumn. Fresh, cooling winds, and lovely, swirling colors. A school year still new with promise, and the delights of hot cocoa, mulled cider, and crisp apples. But once I became a believer and began to develop a gift for discerning of spirits, October became oppressive.

[Click here to read the whole article...]

Here's my article: 

"Patterns of Providence in Our Founding: The American Miracle"
Lord, anoint Tim Mahoney and his team as they create the film The American Miracle. Use it to remind Americans of God’s presence in the foundation of our nation.

Tim Mahoney is using the paradigm he honed with his Patterns of Evidence films to look at patterns of Providence — which he defines as God’s presence — in America’s founding. Michael Medved asked Mahoney to turn his book, The American Miracle, into a film, and Mahoney and his team have the project underway.

IFA also ran an interview I did with Mahoney while I was still in costume: 

And here's Headline Prayer Live:

I'll be performing I Dreamed I Was Free in Princeton, NJ, as a fundraiser for the Witherspoon-Jackson Historical and Cultural Society:

Where: Morven Museum & Garden
Address: 55 Stockton St, Princeton NJ 08540
When: Thursday, November 2, 2023 at 7:30pm

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