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Seeking God for Revival

01.03.24 02:32 AM Comment(s) By Rich

The Importance of Repentance in Revival

Yesterday Intercessors for America ran my article "Seeking God for Revival," the first in a series which will cover the importance of repentance in the 1970 Asbury Revival, the 1904–1905 Welsh Revival, and the 2023 Asbury Outpouring: 

Lord, thank You for leading souls to repentance at Asbury in 1970 so that revival could flow then, and also now, during the 2023 Asbury Outpouring!

Though not all repentance leads to revival, you can’t have revival without repentance.

[Click to read the whole article and hear the interviews with three graduates of Asbury who experienced revival there in 1970 and/or 2023...]

Also yesterday, IFA dedicated the entire episode of Headline Prayer Live to the Asbury Outpouring. Joyce and I shared stories and clips from interviews from the alumni above, a fourth alumnus, the president and the university pastor at Asbury University, and filmmaker Alex Kendrick's son Josh, telling how a week-long revival hit Lee University the same time as the 374-hour Outpouring: 

Pray we can help spark revival in Paris during the Olympics and Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, and pray about helping us get there.

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