Contending for the Next Generation

01.09.24 08:35 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Rachel Ruth Lotz Wright's Address at the 50th Anniversary of IFA

Every time Joyce and I lead prayer for Intercessors for America it's a tremendous blessing, but today felt particularly weighty, since our children are under such attack. As our host Judy McDonough brought out on the program, throughout all five decades of IFA prayers have gone up for the next generation. She also pointed out that the Pilgrim's left Holland for unexplored territory because of the bad influence of the Dutch on their children. There's a huge reason every generation must protect their children: They are our future, and the enemy of our souls wants to turn their hearts away from the Lord. 

We heard Rachel Ruth Lotz Wright (grand daughter of Billy Graham) speak in person three times at the 50th Anniversary of IFA: To all the leaders before everyone else arrived, in a small room where she addressed IFA contributing writers, and this amazing address I'm delighted to share with you: 

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