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"Mother, Let Me Live"

03.06.24 08:58 PM Comment(s) By Rich

A song for the voiceless

While we were attending the 50th Anniversary of Intercessors for America I happened to overhear Zoraida Noratto telling about a song she'd written from the perspective of a pre-born baby. I interviewed her and Audrey Fryckenberg, the musician who brought Noratto's song to life, and IFA shared the interview and the song: 

"Mother, Let Me Live"

Thank You, Lord, for our state prayer leaders and how they're supporting each other to save the lives of the preborn.

Two IFA state prayer group leaders collaborated to produce a song in the voice of a preborn baby pleading: “Mother, let me live.”

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Here's a short video previewing the song: 

And here's the full song: 

And here's the interview:

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