When Government Fails

04.11.24 08:19 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Article and Headline Prayer Live

Joyce's article for Intercessors for America on Tuesday was the lead article in their The Informer, and they used the article title for Tuesday's Headline Prayer Live. Here's Joyce's article:

Lord, help us stay faithfully in the fight — even though human government fails. Guide us in our prayers for all of this.

Hordes of migrants overpower border guards in El Paso, Texas. In New York City, strangers stride up to women they don’t even know and punch them in the face. Residents of San Francisco must make their way through piles of trash everywhere, including human feces.

Evidence of the failure of government is rampant and confronts Americans daily. These failures stem from deficiencies of the justice system, of law enforcement, of the mental health institutions, and of basic human morality, among myriad other things.


Here's Headline Prayer Live:

I had a private booking and was unavailable for Tuesday's program, but I'll be back on with Joyce on the fifth Tuesday, April 30. If you'd like updates when Joyce and/or I are on Headline Prayer Live sign up at www.RichDrama.com/blog/post/Prayer.


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