Hope and Healing for October 7

06.11.24 08:10 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Off-Broadway play tells what happened verbatim

Joyce wrote an excellent article inspired by the Off-Broadway play October 7, playing in New York City through June 16, and it includes videos we took before (of the playwright, Phelim McAleer, and two cast members, René Ifrah and Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb) and after (our responses to the play). 

"Hope and Healing for October 7"

Lord, remember Your word to Your servants, for You have given us hope. May we remember those murdered and kidnapped on October 7 and in the subsequent conflict, even as we rejoice in those saved and returned from captivity. In Jesus’s Name.

The world changed forever on October 7, 2023. When Hamas terrorists from Gaza breached the Israeli border, they not only raped, murdered, savaged, and kidnapped Israelis from kibbutzim, homes, and a music festival, but also they shattered a nation.

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Here are the videos: 

On today's Headline Prayer Live we covered the play and several other articles, including the rescue of the four hostages from Gaza: 

Pray that many are encouraged to go deeper in their prayer lives by the article and videos! 


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