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For our last Headline Prayer Live of the year Intercessors for America reran our Thanksgiving episode, in which Joyce and I were on a team of intercessors reporting on answered prayer for the year.

This morning IFA posted a blog post I've been updating since 2012: " Take this Challenge in 2...
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Joyce and I were on Headline Prayer Live today, covering six articles, including some of our own. Joyce wrote two articles on Intercessors for America's Policy & Prayer Summit: " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors’ Wars" and " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors Speak." I w...
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Today was our first appearance on Headline Prayer Live... only because that's the new name of Pray with Others Live, which we've been on for a while. The new name is a better description of what we do: lead people in praying through articles posted to

We had an ...
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