Praying Righteously for Politicians

03.15.24 05:42 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Pray for Michele Bachmann in Israel

On Tuesday Intercessors for America posted this article by Joyce:

Praying Righteously for Politicians

Lord, help us pray for politicians as You desire: with infinite possibility and hope in their transformation into the image of Christ.

“He was a drug dealer. Then he shot someone. Then he got shot,” one woman told her friend.

I was shocked to overhear this in the elevator. Who were they discussing? A neighbor? A friend? 

“Now he doesn’t want to act in that crime drama anymore,” she said.

“Yeah, once you’re on that show, you get typecast,” the other replied.

This conversation may not have been unusual in my building, which is filled with actors, but I still smiled with relief upon learning that the man under discussion was an actor tired of portraying the seedy side of life on television.

Soon the Lord began to speak to me.

How often do I typecast people? How often do I limit their possibility or doubt their spiritual transformations? Is this laziness on my part? Or is it simply mean-spirited?

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On Monday I interviewed the Honorable Michele Bachmann, who ran for president in 2012. She mentioned that she'll be traveling with a group to Israel today and will be there during Ramadan. She gave permission to write the following article that was posted Tuesday by Intercessors for America: 

Michele Bachmann Will Lead Solidarity Trip to Israel During Ramadan

Lord, protect and guide Michele Bachmann as she and her team travel to Israel to show their love and support to the people impacted by war.

The Honorable Michele Bachmann, former congresswoman and current dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, is leaving for Israel on Friday with a small group to show solidarity with the people of Israel. 

The day after Bachmann graduated from high school in 1974, she flew to Israel to live and work at Kibbutz Be’eri for the summer. She learned Sunday night that the kibbutz had kept an archive of news clippings throughout her decades-long political career. Sadly, all of that was burned on October 7.

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