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Waging War Through Intercession

12.13.22 05:00 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Joyce and I were on Headline Prayer Live today, covering six articles, including some of our own. Joyce wrote two articles on Intercessors for America's Policy & Prayer Summit: " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors’ Wars" and " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors Speak." I wrote " Afghani Refugees Still Need Help and Hope."

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Here are some highlights from my article:

This state of Afghanistan is a complete disaster and meltdown. Security is gone. Executions and assassinations are up. People are behind on electric and gas, and it’s being shut off. People are without food. There is massive starvation. Inflation is affecting Afghanistan as well.

The Taliban is not intent on building a nation. Their primary interest is to kill, torture, and imprison others tied to the U.S.

... the entire Muslim world has abandoned their Afghan neighbors. They all mistreat the Afghans. They all have closed their borders, except for limited ability we have to get people to (two nations).... (Afghanistan) is one massive prison.

Hamidullah (name changed for his protection) is waiting to be liberated, and he confirms Angell’s report:

Yes, dear friend. What you said is true: We are stuck in this cage, and there is no one to (liberate) us. … The day has come when families sell their innocent children … because we don’t have food. We don’t have fuel.

Hamidullah wrote a word that I think his phone corrected, so I asked Angell what he thought Hamidullah meant. Angell says he wonders if Hamidullah was talking about human organs. People are so desperate, he says, that they are selling their organs....

You can help more refugees come to freedom. Donate by sending a check made out to Heart of an Ace, and write Project Angell in the memo. Send donations to Marty Angell, at 9601 Forest Lane, Apt. 716, Dallas, TX 75243.

“For us, this silent holocaust is our modern-day Schindler’s List moment and our Dunkirk moment all at once,” Angell says. “We need to respond with boldness, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Corrie Ten Boom.”

Read the full article by clicking here.

I was blessed to cover the revival that is happening globally through the ministry of a former pro soccer player during the World Cup. They've seen 18,000 come to the Lord: "World Cup Fans Embrace Christ in Gospel Campaign."

It inspires us to pray for our ministry using my one-man play about Olympic champion Eric Liddell during the Paris Olympics in 2024. If you're not subscribed to our emails, I hope you'll join us in prayer as things develop:

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