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"It's Not 'Just a Movie': The Power of Media to Shape Culture"

09.12.23 11:08 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Plus: Victory Over Violence

Today Joyce and I had articles that led the list of Intercessors for America’s The Informer.

Here’s Joyce’s:

Lord, conform us into the image of Jesus. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, that we might overcome violence through the presence of the Prince of Peace.

She was climbing the stairs out of a New York City subway station, leaning on her cane. She and a man became engaged in an argument, and words spun out of control; he wrenched her cane from her and then used it to beat her viciously about the head and body, for some three minutes. (We know the beating lasted that long, because it was filmed — though no one intervened.)

And here’s mine:

Lord, may we have discernment in what we take into our souls when we consume media. Raise up more Christians creating excellent plays, films, and TV shows that can disciple nations for You.

Early in my career in acting, some of my colleagues justified their taking part in projects I felt dishonored the Lord by saying: “It’s just a movie.” My grad-school professors drilled it into our heads that media reflects culture, it doesn’t create culture. But even as a 24-year-old I knew that if media didn’t impact the choices of audience members, advertisers should have to pay back billions.

We talked about those and other articles today on Headline Prayer Live:

Here are the articles I mentioned on the call:

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