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Earlier I posted about my favorite time at the Asbury Outpouring (3:00 a.m.). Here's a worship song from that hour that we used for a recent service at Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene

Pray revival keeps breaking out around the world, and report it if you're a part of it!

This ...
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Here's an article Joyce wrote for Intercessors for America about the chapel message that launched the Asbury Outpouring
Lord, pour Your Love through Asbury to Your people, and to the nations, and back again to You in worship and adoration.

At times, hushed whispers of adoration. At other ti...
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We're so blessed every time we hear how revival continues to spark around the world! Our prayers are being answered! Let's continue to press in! 

Here are a few examples:

Revival Goes Nationwide, Hits Theaters After 'Jesus Revolution' Film as Well as ORU, Portland, Ohio State
The move of G...
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We're still trying to figure out when the last of the worshipers from the Asbury Outpouring left Hughes Auditorium (post a comment if you know), but we connected with two people who left at midnight after the Collegiate Day of Prayer service ended, so that seems to have been the official close. Tha...
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Joyce opens with Communion, referring to Jesus Revolution. I give testimony centering on the Asbury Outpouring of Feb. 2023

Rachel Taylor presents a message from  2 Peter: 3: 15, with a focus on the first part of verse 15, as she continues the series "What Happens When a Created Peop...
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On Friday I posted about the Collegiate Day of Prayer, but we were watching Jesus Revolutionwhile it was being streamed Thursday night. Friday night we watched the CDOP service. WOW! It's a real taste of the Asbury Outpouring! We had revival break out in our living room! 

They included many ...
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The team at Jesus Revolution chose to open on the same weekend as the Collegiate Day of Prayer (on a date set 200 years ago), but neither group knew they'd be drafting on the Asbury Outpouring!

Intercessors for America posted four articles I wrote about the film: 

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Joyce and I have just returned from the Asbury Outpouring. If you're not on our prayer team, you may not have heard, but Asbury University's February 8 service still hasn't ended! As I write it's been going for 277 continuous hours! Joyce and I were reporting on it, and you can see our articles and ...
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Joyce shares her message on 2 Peter 3:14 from Asbury University as the Outpouring continues. She uses clips from interviews with Jeannine Brabon, who prayed for revival at Asbury University as a freshman in 1967. In 1970 a revival went for 185 hours in the same chapel where the current Outpouring ha...
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This morning Intercessors for America posted what I wrote about my favorite moment at the Asbury Revival, at the top of their Asbury Revival! Daily Updates:

Lord, continue to meet those at Asbury in powerful ways! 

From Rich Swingle, IFA Contributing Writer and Prayer Leader: My favorite mo...
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Yesterday on Intercessors for America's Pray with America's Leaders Joyce and I reported again from the campus of Asbury University, where the outpouring continues, in its 214th hour as I write. They closed down Hughes Auditorium for for eleven hours for a deep clean and inspection of the 96-year-o...
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Joyce and I reported live again today from Asbury University at the 170th hour of last week's chapel service: 

We interviewed Emma Elliot, who drove with her husband Robert (who gave me permission to say he was too emotional to be on camera) five hours twice from Ohio to be here. They're bo...
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As I post, last Wednesday’s chapel at Asbury University has been going over 150 hours! 

Here’s my article about it: “ Revival Stirs Asbury Again!
We interviewed three students, faculty member Jim Shores, and Jeannine Brabon who was praying three years for the 1970 Asbury revival (...
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