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Thank you again, Rich. I feel so uplifted myself and I am happy to see how you transformed and healed the residents. I certainly felt God’s presence and action in your work with them and their response. 
--Retta Blaney
Head of Marketing
EastView Independent Senior Living Residence
Owned and ...
01.10.20 07:28 PM - Comment(s)
I've been praying for years that I could teach there, and recently that prayer was answered, and it was much more fulfilling than I'd imagined! Isn't that always the way with the Lord?

I guided almost forty students as they created four separate sketches through sociodrama.

After our final rehea...
08.16.18 03:39 PM - Comment(s)
No, that doesn't stand for "too much information" in this case. It's the Territorial Music Institute for the Salvation Army. I was a special guest, which meant (among other things) that I was featured in a special service, along with the other special guests. We each taught each other som...
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The final performance of our students at the Salvation Army's Territorial Arts Ministry Conservatory is now online. You can watch the full finale below. My students' performance, which we created via sociodrama based on the demoniac and jailer at Philippi, is at 39:25. You have to watch it on ...
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Rich and Pastor Joyce on the
Sea of Galilee.
Joyce and I were tasked with creatively summarizing Westchester Chapel's year-and-a-half-long sermon series, The Great Gift of Fellowship. I used a sociogram (though I didn't tell them that!), which is a tool developed through sociodrama. The results were ...
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Joyce and I with Cindy on a recent
visit she took to NYC.
Since about 1994 I've been performing in public schools through the invitation of Cindy Sebring.

That year I drove (back when I tried to keep a car in NYC) down to the DC area for a Christians in Theatre Arts conference. I remember the rain...
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This morning our church, Westchester Chapel, closed out a three part series-within-a- series on Abraham, so I posted a sketch on the Abraham story I helped developed through sociodrama by at the Grace Brethren Church of Winona Lake, Indiana, in 2012:

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Had a fabulous time performing a monologue from Hamlet, my 1-man piece based on Les Misérables, and sociodramas based on parallels the students observed. We talked a terrorist into dismantling his bomb, empowered someone to talk his friends through a rough situation, and helped someone avoid drugs. ...
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Friday night I led a church drama team in a workshop in which we created a sketch from scratch through sociodrama. I guess the woman who runs their drama troupe was getting all these questions she couldn't answer like, "How long will it be?" "How much of the stage will you use?"...
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Sociodrama was used to create and direct this at the Applied Theatre Conference this weekend.

There were two endings created and rehearsed. The enactor playing Jeff was instructed to make his decision between the two endings in the moment of reflection of the "voices" he heard at the mi...
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In preparation for a sociodrama workshop I'm going to lead next month ( I took a drama therapy workshop through Creative Alternatives of New York (  It was a phenomenal day!  They had fresh perspectives on the work, and I was re-inspired by the power i...
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I was just quoted in an advertisement for the upcoming Applied Theatre Conference where I'll be teaching next month...

 atc_header 3

Take time to register today for the Applied Theatre Conference! Don't miss the chance to expand your view of how theatre can be used!  CITA Member and Applied Theatre C...

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I'll be leading a series of workshops on Sociodrama for at-risk people March 25-26, 2011, at North Greenville University, Greenville, SC.

Jacob Moreno believed that sociodrama could solve all the world's problems. I've used sociodrama with homeless and/or recovering drug addicts in Orlando, New Y...
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The Struggle
© Copyright 2010 by The Salvation Army
By Elisa K, DeeJay R, Belén B, Megan P and Rich Swingle.

Developed through sociodrama ( under the direction of Rich Swingle ( for The Territorial Arts Ministries Conservatory (, ...
08.15.10 10:55 AM - Comment(s)
The group I'm directing at the TAM Conservatory developed our piece through sociodrama ( This morning we placed our scene in a hospital. We had our bed lined up by dinner! The IV drip is en route.

08.09.10 10:51 PM - Comment(s)
Our first enacted prayer at last night's workshop ( was for a woman with pain in her hip. A woman played the woman with pain, and a teenager played the pain. In the enactment God removed the pain and brought the woman into a dance with the Trinity. The woman was moved ...
02.05.10 03:21 AM - Comment(s)
I'm excited about an upcoming workshop I'll be offering near Winona Lake, Indiana, home of the MasterWorks Festival, where I direct the theatre program. I'll be doing sessions on enacted prayer, The Physical Actor, and through Sociodrama we'll create a sketch which may be used at the Lausanne Cong...
01.06.10 08:32 PM - Comment(s)
Thanks so much for your prayers! Things have been going miraculously well
down here in Newcastle (2.5 hours north of Sydney).
I got a text requesting me to teach a couple of workshops in a Christian
school here. Though I only had about an hour's notice I felt the Holy
Spirit guiding, and both c...
09.01.09 08:12 PM - Comment(s)
I taught a sociodrama ( master class at the Christians in Theatre Arts ( National Conference in Orlando. We started the class at the conference, where I taught the history and basics of the dramatic/therapeutic form, then we took a free (thanks Orlando!) pub...
06.20.09 07:44 PM - Comment(s)
I'm at the Christians in Theatre Arts Conference ( in Orlando. This morning I'll be doing a master class on sociodrama, which will start at the conference, and then move down the street a few blocks to incorporate Compassion Corner clients, who are working to get their lives back in or...
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