Conservatory Finale

08.14.17 02:19 AM Comment(s) By Rich

The final performance of our students at the Salvation Army's Territorial Arts Ministry Conservatory is now online. You can watch the full finale below. My students' performance, which we created via sociodrama based on the demoniac and jailer at Philippi, is at 39:25. You have to watch it on the  main page to move to different times. 

Instructor Kathryn Higgins was my theatre student in Toronto at another Salvation Army Conservatory. There's not much I taught her about dance, but her piece is at 35:38, based on one of my favorite verses: Isaiah 40:31. When they were asked for a title for their piece one of the dancers in the group heard that chapter and verse from Isaiah, not knowing what it was. It fits the choreography beautifully!

The pieces directed by my former student, Brad Cain, begin at 46:26, 1:03:05, 1:07:25, and 1:39:20.

I'm quite certain I taught Ryan Livingston absolutely nothing about visual arts, but he has incorporated drama into the presentation of his program's work. You can see that at 1:09:42 and 2:04:25. The form of the performance in the second section may be a world premiere! Ryan was inspired by sandbox art. He knew he wouldn't have time to set up a sandbox for the finale, so he created the work you'll see. I think it's unbelievable!

Mabel López-Cuevas attended one of my sociodrama workshops at a Christians in Theatre Arts Conference in Puerto Rico. She directed her students in creating one of my favorite choreodramas, which you can see at 1:33:43.

Students from the worship track created a song to go with our theme verse,  Acts 1:8. You can hear the students who created the song singing it at 27:52 and all of our students singing it at 2:09:26.

Again, you have to watch it on the main page to move to different times.

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