The Dramatic Work of Rich and Joyce Swingle


07.29.18 08:19 PM Comment(s) By Rich

No, that doesn't stand for "too much information" in this case. It's the Territorial Music Institute for the Salvation Army. I was a special guest, which meant (among other things) that I was featured in a special service, along with the other special guests. We each taught each other something in our discipline in about 30 seconds and then expected the special guest of another discipline to perfect it by the time the 30 seconds was up. It was great fun!

Some of my favorite moments were down by the lake for "Sealed Orders." Students and faculty would get their orders, and when the command was given to open them we would read the devotional in an outdoor amphitheater overlooking a lake and a glowing Cross. It was amazing. As often as I was able, I stuck around to pray with students who lingered. There were some really awesome breakthroughs!

My main responsibility was to direct one of the drama groups in creating and preparing a drama for the final performance through sociodrama, and I think it turned out very well. It is a part of a new series of sketches I'm developing called Theatre for Revival. I think you'll see why:

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