The Dramatic Work of Rich and Joyce Swingle

A sketch from scratch

10.30.12 04:00 AM Comment(s) By Rich

Friday night I led a church drama team in a workshop in which we created a sketch from scratch through sociodrama. I guess the woman who runs their drama troupe was getting all these questions she couldn't answer like, "How long will it be?" "How much of the stage will you use?" "How many people will be in it?" We took the passage of scripture the pastor gave us, and through the structured improv of sociodrama we created a sketch that was so ideal to the sermon that when the sketch was over the pastor said, "Well, that was the sermon. You can all go home." He went on to preach a brilliant sermon, but he alluded to the sketch no less than five times through the course of the sermon. I was SO proud of them! Every single person contributed something to the script. They're all listed as playwrights.
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