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Last week I played one of the narrators and a messenger of the Eternal One for the story of Samson in the reading series  Hears the Story. As Providence would have it, I got to be in a scene with Christ Over Career founder, Cameron Arnett (actor in Overcomer, I Still Believe, Running the Bases...
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We're still trying to figure out when the last of the worshipers from the Asbury Outpouring left Hughes Auditorium (post a comment if you know), but we connected with two people who left at midnight after the Collegiate Day of Prayer service ended, so that seems to have been the official close. Tha...
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I was blessed to report on New York politicians during the Election Night coverage on My appearance is at the 17:28 mark: 

Brighteon is a great, free source for independent journalism, and it's not owned by one of the six companies or run by one of the 232 media executives ...
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I summarized the Christ Over Career National Kickoff while praying over Broadway, where we're praying there will be ripples from our movement! I also mention a miracle that happened during the Christian Worldview Film Festival in Albany, Georgia.

Click here or the image below to join me in prayer....
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I had a 16 year Broadway run!

On October 17, 1999, I quit my office lease at The Lamb's Theatre, the largest Off-Broadway house at the time, and crossed Times Square (from 130 W 44th to 240 W 44th) to sublet the office of John Forbes at the Helen Hayes Theatre, the smallest Broadway house.

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This year marked the fifteenth year of the MasterWorks Festival theatre program, and we celebrated with our second trip to New York City!

Our play, Twelve Angry Jurors, allowed cast members to stay in character every second of the show. We set it in the round so audience members felt like they were...
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We've lived in New York City for 30 years, and here are some of our favorite things to do, but we hope you'll add to the list in the comments...

TKTS: Half price Broadway and Off-Broadway tickets on Times Square. Rush tickets and electronic lotteries. I...
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From our bedroom we can see the red, white & blue lights on the Empire State Building, and from our living room we can see the towering lights at Ground Zero.
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