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Big Fish / Little Worm

04.30.23 01:37 PM Comment(s) By Rich

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The stories of Jonah, Gideon, Jeremiah and Lazarus come to vibrant life under a theme of hearing God's voice and responding. This is Rich's first creation, and he's been doing the Jonah piece since 1992.

Running time: 7-60 minutes (with narration woven throughout).

Korean and German translation slides are available. If your group needs a translation we don't have yet we can set up a common document so you can have a number of people working on it simultaneously, which can allow for a very speedy process.

The play lets us look at a familiar Bible story (Jonah alone) in a new way, giving us some insight into the humanity of Jonah and the reality of how God deals with his people.
—James Masters, Ph.D.

Wow. We laughed so hard! Our eldest was close to the stage when the whale "vomited" Jonah out. He could not believe how high you jumped from all fours! Slapping each other with the fish was GREAT! Everybody laughed and thought that was great. Thank you so much for putting character and skin to the Bible. We seriously hope to see you again.
Zack and Dawn and children
San Antonio, TX
(Jonah, from Big Fish / Little Worm, was performed at the Christian Worldview Film Festival, 2014)

At Portland, Oregon's Newmark Theatre.
"Jonah," is the central piece of Big Fish / Little Worm. Because of the water theme of the piece, it has been performed on shores. Once, Rich performed the piece on Lake Michigan. When Jonah pointed to Ninevah, he was pointing to Chicago!

Running time: 20 minutes.

"Sheepish" tells how Gideon hears God’s voice and responds...eventually.

Running time: 7 minutes.

"The Potter" tells how God molded Jeremiah, the “Weeping Prophet.”

Running time: 7 minutes.

"Lazarus," by Sean Gaffney (Rich has written the others) is a comedic piece detailing the events of Lazarus, as he awakes to his own stench.

Running time: 7 minutes.

Sia and I just watched your "Sheepish" piece on Gideon and we were mesmerized by your performance. YOU are one talented dude! So tonight,  we will have our "Midionite" snack.......CHARGE!!!!!!!! BRAVO to your performance.
—Stephen and Sia Tofanos
White Plains, NY

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Rich performs Jonah at the inaugural Christian Worldview Film Festival, San Antonio, TX. Photo courtesy Jaclyn Hall.

Rich's performance at George Fox University had a miraculous response:
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