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Hope and Healing for October 7

Joyce wrote an excellent article inspired by the Off-Broadway play October 7, playing in New York City through June 16, and it includes videos we took before (of the playwright, Phelim McAleer, and two cast members, René Ifrah and Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb) and after (our responses to the play...

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Three Upcoming Performances in NYC

Pray for my brain as I'm prepping for these three plays and a sermon: 

June 9, 11 a.m.

Sermon: "Walking on Water" (Interpreted into Korean)

1:30 p.m.
Big Fish Little Worm (Korean translation slides)

Queens Central Church of the Nazarene
6111 220th St
Oakland Gardens NY 11364

FREE with a ...

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Honoring Israel in NYC

This morning my article about various ways New York City is honoring Jewish people ran:

"Honoring Israel in NYC"

Lord, thank You that New York City is hosting events to help its citizens respect and protect the Jewish people. May other cities honor Your Chosen People.

At least three events in...

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Owner's Manual
So this happened hours after the last episode (#2) of What's a Girl to Do? aired...
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European Dress Rehearsal in an Off-Broadway Theatre

We're taking my one-man play Beyond the Chariots to Europe to celebrate the centenary (the British version of centennial) of Eric Liddell refusing to run the 100m to prove he was the fastest man alive because one of the heats was on a Sunday, July 6, 1924. We'll be performing my play about...

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What's a Girl to Do?

I was first cast in the sitcom What's a Girl to Do? in 2021. Episode by episode, we finally have our first season, and it debuted May 18 on the PTL network. 

I just had one line, but the show runner, Janet Porter -- architect of the Heartbeat Bill -- liked the character! She expan...

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National Day of Prayer

On the National Day of Prayer in 2022 we prayed over several Broadway theatres. We've been too busy to organize something like that this year, but I wanted to do one #PrayOverBroadwayLive today. Please join me in prayer...

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Hope for Campuses Under Siege

Today on Headline Prayer Live Joyce and I led prayer inspired by a number of articles, including Joyce's, "Hope for Campuses Under Siege," posted with three videos of material from Columbia University: 

Lord, forgive those raging against Israel. Bless these enemies, and bless the Jewis...
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Responding to Antisemitism at Columbia University

Intercessors for America (IFA) ran an article on Saturday that was reposted today: "5 Ways to Pray About Antisemitic ‘Protests.’" They embedded a teaser with some footage we took at Sean Feucht's United for Israel March last Thursday, as we circled the campus of Columbia Unive...

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Unsung Hero

We just got back from seeing Unsung Hero and absolutely loved it! It was so moving and such a picture of trusting the Lord at every step. 

Here's my connection to the film: 

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Is the Lord Your Refuge?
Joyce shares an exhortation from Psalm 11 in a message targeted to comfort in turbulent times.
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Reflect on the Word
I got to teach on 2 Timothy 2:7 for Westchester Chapel. I included a video I created of me as Evan Roberts, as if he preached on that passage at Moriah Chapel in Loughor, Wales, while reflecting on the Welsh Revival of 1904/05. It's adapted from Songs of Revival: Hungry After God Himself...
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When Government Fails

Joyce's article for Intercessors for America on Tuesday was the lead article in their The Informer, and they used the article title for Tuesday's Headline Prayer Live. Here's Joyce's article:

Lord, help us stay faithfully in the fight — even though human government fails. Guide us in our prayers for ...
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This short film was written and directed by my former student, Rebecca Peterson. I was so proud of the work she did and the whole crew that she pulled together!
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Jesus Appears

This morning I surprised our congregation at Westchester Chapel by portraying the Lord appearing to His disciples after His Resurrection: 

He is risen, indeed! Click the double fish below to find out more...


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The Film: Letter to the American Church

I wrote an introduction to our friend and colleague Keith Guinta's review of Eric Metaxas' book Letter to the American Church. Shortly after the movie based on the book was released Dutch Sheets mentioned it on his Give Him 15 program, so I embedded that at the end of Keith's article: ...

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Jonathan Park

We're enjoying the latest Jonathan Park audio drama, Back to the Garden

I play Johann, one of the lead roles, and I'm so pleased with how it turned out! 

You can read how our recording was marked by fiery miracles by clicking here.

As I post this, it's on sale.

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Praying Righteously for Politicians
On Tuesday Intercessors for America posted this article by Joyce:

Praying Righteously for Politicians

Lord, help us pray for politicians as You desire: with infinite possibility and hope in their transformation into the image of Christ.

“He was a drug dealer. Then he shot someone. Then he got shot,” on...
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"Mother, Let Me Live"

While we were attending the 50th Anniversary of Intercessors for America I happened to overhear Zoraida Noratto telling about a song she'd written from the perspective of a pre-born baby. I interviewed her and Audrey Fryckenberg, the musician who brought Noratto's song to life, and IFA shared the in...

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Drama Evangelist

Since 2017 I've been a drama evangelist on the Metro New York District Church of the Nazarene. I just noticed I've never posted that here. Here's the original letter. 

Since then the number of continents on which I've taught and performed has risen to six (and I have a plan for Antarctica!), cou...

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