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Alien Immigration Training
Alien Immigration Training is geared toward youth. It is based on the idea that we are either aliens to God's grace, or if we have accepted that grace, we are aliens to this world. There is also a version appropriate for public schools and other secular settings.
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Views of the Manger
Rich's Christmas program begins with the story of Abraham, using his covenant with God as a look forward to how Christ would come and be the covenant keeper. It also tells the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Gabriel, Joseph, the innkeeper, and the three wise men.
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The Revelation
The Revelation is a dynamic portrayal of the last book of the Bible. The drama is a one-person play which can stand alone or be surrounded by music and original art. The premiere was for a standing room only crowd of over...
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Five Bells for 9/11
Five Bells for 9/11 is a memorial to those who died and to those who were wounded physically and emotionally on that infamous morning. The play tells the stories of three people who were directly impacted...
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Beyond the Chariots
The four-time Academy Award-winning film Chariots Of Fire tells how Eric Liddell refused to run the 100 meters in the 1924 Paris Olympics because a qualifying heat was held on a Sunday. Instead...
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Journey to the Garden
This event invites each audience member to become a disciple and travel with Jesus from his baptism to the Garden Tomb. Slides from Israel of the actual places these events are believed to have taken place are the backdrop of the greatest story ever told.
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Big Fish / Little Worm
The stories of Jonah, Gideon, Jeremiah and Lazarus come to vibrant life under a theme of hearing God's voice and responding. This is Rich's first creation, and he's been doing the Jonah piece since 1992.
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Conceived by Pastor Linda Warren, pictured here on the right in the role of Shoshona, Rich and Joyce Swingle address their flock as Zelophahad and Pethahiah, shepherds with a perspective on Psalm 23. You can hear the performance at Westchester Chapel below. It was first perf...
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Rich can pull shorter pieces from his feature-length plays and has a number of short pieces that can stand alone. He can also customize or create a piece from scratch, depending on your needs and his available time.

Rich performing Journey to the
 in Amman, Jordan.
Journey to the Garden...
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I Dreamed I Was Free
I Dreamed I Was Free is Rich's critically acclaimed one-person, two-act play about John Woolman, who spoke out against slavery over a century before the Civil War. The play has received positive reviews from newspapers and magazines around the world, and it is as popular in theatres as it is in...
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The Acts brings to life the miracles and wonder of the first century Church as God's Spirit empowers His people. The entire play is about an hour, but Rich has performed many of the sections, and even the entire first act, on their own.
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Conceived by Pastor Linda Warren, who plays the role of Shoshona, Rich and  Pastor Joyce Swingle address their flock as Zelophahad and Pethahiah, shepherds with a perspective on Psalm 23.

This service is available for download free on iTunes, ...
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Here is the full performance of Paradise Lost for Narrator (with Percussion), Oboe, and Bassoon by Terry B. Ewell. Westchester Chapel hosted the first public performance of the introduction. Since then it was performed at the International Double Reed Conference in Tempe, Arizona, and at the Master...
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