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Journey to the Garden

04.30.23 01:42 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Rich performing the piece in
Amman, Jordan.
More photos here.
This event invites each audience member to become a disciple and travel with Jesus from his baptism to the Garden Tomb. Slides from Israel of the actual places these events are believed to have taken place are the backdrop of the greatest story ever told.

This is one of Rich's most flexible pieces, and he will work with your team to create a Maundy Thursday, Good Friday or Easter service your group will never forget. Since audience members join the Lord in the upper room, you can host it as a foot-washing service and special communion year round, or let it stand alone as a play.

It can be staged in such a way that audience members recline at table as they would have in the first century.
Running time: 15-60 minutes.

I am so thankful that you came to call us to remember the Journey to the Garden ... and all that our Lord accomplished for us in His great love. It was a wonderful evening. The chairman of the Elders left me a message last night that he had never been in a service that had impacted him so powerfully. He thought it was the best communion service (and Good Friday service) that he had ever attended and thanked me deeply for having you come. That sort of response has already been coming in this morning as well. So thanks for allowing God to use you. May this fruit remain!
--Sparky Pritchard
Senior Pastor
Immanuel Baptist Church
Richmond, VA

Journey to the Garden
in Jerusalem

This site just outside the wall of
Jerusalem is believed to be near where
Jesus was crucified: Golgotha, or
The Place of the Skull. A number of
skulls were found here. This image is
one of many backdrops for
Journey to the Garden.

Here's a video we can customize for your church to let them know Rich is bringing Journey to the Garden to your community:

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