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Views of the Manger

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In NYC, Epiphany Eve, 2017.
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Views of the Manger
Rich's Christmas program begins with the story of Abraham, using his covenant with God as a look forward to how Christ would come and be the covenant keeper. It also tells the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Gabriel, Joseph, the innkeeper, and the three wise men. These one-person sketches bring comedy and pathos to the greatest story ever told.

Rich performed the play in Cuba, so there are Spanish translation slides available if that would benefit your group. In NYC Rich performed the play, after which his wife, Joyce Swingle, and he shared films they shot in Cuba and did a Q and A about their experience there. They are available to do the same with your group if you so desire.

Joyce can supplement the play with her two short Christmas pieces, "The Shepherd's Daughter" and "The Consecrated Prophetess".

Running time: 60 minutes, or as short pieces.

Here's what 5-year-old Riley had to say about Views of the Manger...

The best preparatory celebration I've ever had for Advent. You exegeted the scriptures very well.
--Don Bubna
Coach, Consultant and Conciliator
Serving under Salem Alliance Church
Salem, Oregon

Your performance was a gift.
--Emmanuel Lobato, Yonkers, NY

This was performed on the other side of the wall from what is believed to be the actual manger in which Jesus was born:

Our guide to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem said it's over 9 out of 10 probability that it's the actual manger because a Byzantine church is built over a little chapel enclosing a stone manger. That chapel is the oldest church on earth that is still being used. It was built within 100 years of Jesus' death, so it was the grandkids of those who were there that identified it as The Spot. This was a part of CITA to the Nations, a trip to Jordan and Israel to teach theatre arts to students in Amman, Jordan, and to perform pieces where they took place in both countries.

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