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The Revelation

04.30.23 02:22 PM Comment(s) By Rich

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The Revelation is a dynamic portrayal of the last book of the Bible. The drama is a one-person play which can stand alone or be surrounded by music and original art. The premiere was for a standing room only crowd of over 400 at the County Center of Westchester, New York. It has since been performed at the national drama conference hosted by Lillenas Publishers and was featured Off-Broadway at The Lamb's Little Theatre.

The Revelation was performed in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne, Australia as a part of a tour that included performances of Big Fish Little Worm in New Zealand. To see Rich's reports on that amazing tour, visit his blog archives for August and September of 2009.


I remember seeing Rich perform this back in the day at The Lamb's Theater. "The Revelation" is a stunning, contemporary, and vivid work that exceeds every expectation. It's as though John himself is personally sharing his vision with you and every mystery is revealed.
--Dr. David Wallace
Internationally-touring musician
Grammy-nominated performer
Award-winning composer

You are truly amazing, praise God for his incredible gift to you. What you ministered at Camberwell was significant - it was all part of what he's working at Camberwell, in the Army and in Melbourne! It was great to see you again and to meet Joyce, and I really just wanted to thank you for your example and for Christ shining so powerfully through you! I'm praying for his continued blessing on you and Joyce and your ministry! Come back to Aus soon!
--Nikki Capp
Territorial Mission Development Director
The Salvation Army - Australia Southern Territory

I’ve never seen The Book of Revelation brought to such vivid life.
—Sam Perna
Production Team for Christmas Grace

Thanks for the wonderful contributions you made to our Worship Arts Retreat last weekend at Camp Wonderland. Everyone was blessed and inspired by your performance, instruction, and humble spirit. I hope our paths will cross again in the future - hopefully when we can attract a bigger audience to witness your consecrated skills.
--William Himes
US Central Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary
The Salvation Army

What a PERFECT way to begin our study (of Revelation)! Thank you. You broke the ice for me by removing much of the fear and trepidation I have felt in the past with this study. I have entered it with a completely different attitude: One of excitement and expectation, knowing my Lord is victor over all. All praise to Him. I have to tell you that I truly felt the Spirit move that morning. I sat with tears running down my cheeks and when the closing song was being sung and we were able to see your shadow dancing freely, I cried even more.
--Tana Loibl
Hayden Lake, Idaho

I've had the great privilege of witnessing your ministry at a Salvation Army music camp in Canada about 10 years ago. I recall your performance on Revelation as John. That awesome ministry and performance has been a great influence. Thank you.
--Peter Park

You had such an impact on the folks here at Bethel.
--Richard Smith (recalling Rich's performance three years earlier)
Bethel Baptist Temple
Livonia, MI

Wow!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! my 75 and 1/2 years I have seen hundreds of sermons and plays, but I have never seen anything like that. Rich brought the character of John so alive and to portray the book of Revelation in the way he did was absolutely amazing.
Ocala, FL

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