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Last night -- on the 1,820th anniversary of Perpetua's execution --  The Diary of Perpetua was streamed, and we got to answer questions from the audience as cast and crew: 

Find out more about this wonderful project and how it's an answer to my prayer from 1991 by clicking here.

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Last night we were blessed to see The Chosen on Times Square at the AMC Empire Theatre. During the credits we noticed that three of the cast members had seen it with us! I was able to pray over two of them: Abraham* who plays Neshon, and Aalok Mehta (in the frame below), who plays Barnaby. Int...
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Intercessors for America posted my interview with Todd Terry, who plays the main role in the hit series, Vindication: " How Villains in Film Can Direct Our Prayers." In this part of the interview he talks about his work in Running the Bases and Pursuit of Freedom.

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Intercessors for America ran my interviews with George and Karen Johnson and Garry Nation about this amazing film, Pursuit of Freedom, at the Content2022 Film Festival and Media Summit: " Divine Timing for Christian Films."

Here was my response a...
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Here's a film in your language!
To my friends who visited, click here for the link to the film I mentioned that you can play in your language.
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My article on Janet Porter was published on today: " Facing Cultural Giants through Heartbeats and Humor." She's the author of The Heartbeat Bill, saving lives in 14 states and counting, and she's now the showrunner of the upcoming sitcom What's a Girl to...
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I got to perform in what is now my favorite movie!

What a joy to work with these young servants of the Lord! 

I love it because it's such a powerful picture of...
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Both of these films are now available. "The Ledger" is on Amazon, and you can watch "Mine" at

Here's my original post:

I got to perform and serve as acting coach on two projects outside Calgary, Canada, over the past two weeks.

The first p...
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Joyce and I joined my former students William and Morgan Willer who directed and produced the short film, "There."

Joyce served on crew, and I played a father in search of his daughter during a storm who finds that he has to decide between getting her to safety and bringing a woman in la...
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I was wowed by War Room! I wasn't the only one. Variety called it: Box Office: Zac Efron Getting Outplayed by Faith-Based ‘War Room,’...

I heard Stephen Kendrick speak at the final San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, and he said that the Christian film industry is growing up. It may h...
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