Praying Over The Chosen on Times Square

02.04.23 02:05 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Last night we were blessed to see The Chosen on Times Square at the AMC Empire Theatre. During the credits we noticed that three of the cast members had seen it with us! I was able to pray over two of them: Abraham* who plays Neshon, and Aalok Mehta (in the frame below), who plays Barnaby. Intercessors for America posted the video to yesterday:

Some of you will remember that the AMC Empire holds a very special place in my heart since my prayer to be descending the escalator after seeing a film I was in was answered when Providence showed there. Last night that prayer was answered again:

*Abraham just gave me his first name, and they haven't added his only episode so far to IMDb, but if he's there now, please post in the comments. 
I play a lead in  Providence, which was in theaters on Valentine's Day in 2016.

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