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What's a Girl to Do?

05.18.24 05:15 PM Comment(s) By Rich

You can watch episodes on demand after they air

I was first cast in the sitcom What's a Girl to Do? in 2021. Episode by episode, we finally have our first season, and it debuted May 18 on the PTL network. 

I just had one line, but the show runner, Janet Porter -- architect of the Heartbeat Bill -- liked the character! She expanded the role, not only in the pilot (which just debuted) but also throughout most of the episodes in Season One. 

Episodes will air every Saturday at 7 and 11 p.m. Eastern for two months. Click here to see how you can watch it live or after they air. And if you don't have a device that can play the PTL Television Network app, click here to watch episodes online after they air. 

Find out more at

Here's the trailer for the pilot episode...

We appreciate you prayers that it picks up an audience and blesses many!


Have a blessed Pentecost Sunday! 

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