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Thank you again, Rich. I feel so uplifted myself and I am happy to see how you transformed and healed the residents. I certainly felt God’s presence and action in your work with them and their response. 
--Retta Blaney
Head of Marketing
EastView Independent Senior Living Residence
Owned and ...
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No, that doesn't stand for "too much information" in this case. It's the Territorial Music Institute for the Salvation Army. I was a special guest, which meant (among other things) that I was featured in a special service, along with the other special guests. We each taught each other som...
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This morning I got to chat with with Donald James Parker on his first video interview for The Sword of the Spirit. You can watch below, or if you're receiving this via email, visit

Here are links to some of the things I mention...
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We had a great time facilitating at the Salvation Army's Territorial Arts Ministry Conservatory. Typically I teach and direct, but this time my friend and fellow Christians in Theatre Artsboard member, Joe Frost, led us in devised theatre.

We arrived Saturday night with nothing but a parable. I ...
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I've had the great privilege of witnessing your ministry at a Salvation Army music camp in Canada about 10 years ago. I recall your performance on Revelation as John. That awesome ministry and performance has been a great influence. Thank you.
--Peter Park
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Performed at the Thanksgiving Eve Service at Westchester Chapel (, November 24, 2010, by Rich and Joyce Swingle.

Written by Rebecca Phillips
© Copyright 2004 by Rebecca Phillips
Made available by the Eastern Territorial Arts Ministries (TAM) Bureau
Posted by permiss...
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When I was in college, over 20 years ago, Curt Cloninger, pictured here with Patricia Mauceri and myself, performed his one-man plays God Views and Red Letter Edition in our chapel at what was then George Fox College (now University). It was the first time I'd ever seen a one-man play, a...
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The Salvation Army of Australia ran an article on my performance of The Revelation in Sydney.  It's on page 9 of Creative Ministry, October 2009.

Then in January they ran a feature article on my work: Going Solo.
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Hope your celebration of the Three Kings is going well.

If you missed our Christmas eCard here it is...

Thank you so much for your prayers for us throughout the year! Despite the economy this year has been rich and full.

Joyce finished her second masters, this one in counseling. We were thrilled ...
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You are truly amazing, praise God for his incredible gift to you. What you ministered at Camberwell was significant - it was all part of what He's working at Camberwell, in the Army and in Melbourne! It was great to see you again and to meet Joyce, and I really just wanted to thank you for your exam...
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Thanks for the wonderful contributions you made to our Worship Arts Retreat last weekend at Camp Wonderland.  Everyone was blessed and inspired by your performance, instruction, and humble spirit.  I hope our paths will cross again in the future - hopefully when we can attra...
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About "Beyond the Chariots": "You made my year!"
--Colonel Vibeke Krommenhoek
International Youth Ministries Coordinator
Salvation Army
07.28.07 09:49 PM - Comment(s)
When I performed Beyond the Chariots at the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts we invited youth to come forward if they were willing to say, "Lord, send me anywhere." Between 20 and 30 youth fell at the altar. Joyce and I prayed with many of them. Most didn't have any idea where ...
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Here we are once again on the cusp of all out revival! Youth from all over the Salvation Army's Territory of Canada and Bermuda have come together to study music and drama. Our chaplains from the last two years, Stephen Court and Danielle Strickland ( have returned. If you didn't fo...
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David Ivany is Territorial Youth Secretary for the Salvation Army. He works with youth and youth workers across Canada and Bermuda. He's grateful both nations are a part of the same territory since he's required to make visits!

I just found some of my students from the Territorial School of Music ...
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There was a knock at my door. I was up fairly late doing final edits to the film element of my students' performance tonight, for which we'll be bused into Toronto. I was fulfilling our theme for the week by being "deeper" in sleep than I usually am at that time, and I thought, I'm missin...
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Christine MacMillan, the Commissioner of this Territory (all of Canada and Bermuda) for the Salvation Army, greeted the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts during our midweek festival. She brought Kirk Guthrie up to illustrate how it's not about the externals but about the heart. She said ...
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He's like a stick of dynamite!
—Jim Downs
Youth Pastor
Lewiston, ME, Corps of The Salvation Army
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