09.04.05 01:01 AM Comment(s) By Rich

There was a knock at my door. I was up fairly late doing final edits to the film element of my students' performance tonight, for which we'll be bused into Toronto. I was fulfilling our theme for the week by being "deeper" in sleep than I usually am at that time, and I thought, I'm missing the bus! Instead, one of the faculty members wanted to share how profoundly the enacted prayer we prayed for her on the first night had been answered through the week! What an awesome way to start the day.

Last night was Elective Night, and one of the featured electives was the one for children of faculty. They did an enacted prayer (pictured here) for us. The prayer was that the children could help us adults taste and see and hear, touch, and smell that the Lord is good!

My favorite enacted prayer was for me on that first day: God gave the kid portraying me blessings, which were personified by two kids bouncing up to me. The prayer was answered, and God gave me bounce all through the week.

They just announced that the Salvation Army is going to launch the first team from Canada to go and minister to those that have fled New Orleans! Our enacted prayer is being answered!
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