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For our last Headline Prayer Live of the year Intercessors for America reran our Thanksgiving episode, in which Joyce and I were on a team of intercessors reporting on answered prayer for the year.

This morning IFA posted a blog post I've been updating since 2012: " Take this Challenge in 2...
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Joyce and I were on Headline Prayer Live today, covering six articles, including some of our own. Joyce wrote two articles on Intercessors for America's Policy & Prayer Summit: " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors’ Wars" and " Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors Speak." I w...
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Today was our first appearance on Headline Prayer Live... only because that's the new name of Pray with Others Live, which we've been on for a while. The new name is a better description of what we do: lead people in praying through articles posted to

We had an ...
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A blessed Thanksgiving to all! 

We've very grateful for all of you who have kept us in your prayers as you've been following us over the years and decades! 

Here are the Thanksgiving proclamations by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, preceded by the wisdom of Dutch Sheets: A Than...
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Today on Pray with Others Live we covered several articles, including two we wrote. Joyce's article was " Restraining Satan," and mine was " IFA Wins Award at Content2022 Film Festival and Media Summit."

Here's our program:

These are my interviews with Tim Shields, director...
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Intercessors for America ran Joyce's article reacting to Joe Biden's speech at Independence Hall: " Breaking Biden's Curse." Joyce and I talked about that and other articles and led the intercessors in prayer on this episode of Pray with Others Live

For reminders when we're going...
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Yesterday my article “ Miracles Behind Lifemark” was posted on It includes interviews I did at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in Albany, Georgia, with Justin Sterner, sharing how he was cast as the best friend of the lead in Lifemark after turning down a role that did...
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Joyce and I led Intercessors for America in praying for our nation today on Pray with Others Live. We covered today’s articles on including two we wrote: 

and mine: 

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Today Intercessors for America launched their podcast, On Watch in Washington

Click here or the image below to see their trailer: 

You can find the Podcast on all primary podcast sources, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Please go to Apple Podcast and leave a rating and review ...
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Joyce and I were on Pray with Others Live today, covering articles from Joyce and I covered her article " Heaven in Manhattan?" and I covered mine, " Kendrick Brothers' Church Hosts Christian Worldview Film Festival." 

Click here or the image below...
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Heaven is coming to New York City.

That is the vision and prayer of Actor, Director and Producer Cameron Arnett, who is bringing Christ Over Career the movement (COC) to Theatre 315 in mid-town Manhattan on Aug. 19-20.  The theatre at 315 W. 47th Street is owned and operated by The Salvatio...

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Joyce and I are typically on Pray with Others Live the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month, but today I got to fill in for one of my colleagues. Among others, I covered an article I wrote about a new podcast detailing the investigation and trial of the serial baby killer Kermit Gosnell: "...
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Today on Pray with Others Live my bride Joyce and I led Intercessors for America in praying over six articles on Joyce wrote one titled “ Our Role in Justice” about an experience she had when called to jury duty, and mine is based on an interview with Anna Strasburg who ran ...
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I'm so blessed to be a part of the cast of a musical based on The Hiding Place, the book about Corrie ten Boom and her family's efforts to protect Jewish people during the Nazi occupation of Holland. 

This morning an article I wrote about it was on " A Christian ...
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Here's Joyce's latest article on " An Intercessor Looks at Injustice." 

See the rest of Olympic champion Eric Liddell's Chariots of Fire story in Beyond the Chariots. Watch it online and book a live performance

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Intercessors for America posted my article about Queen Esther while it was playing live at Sight & Sound’s theatre in Lancaster, PA, but they reposted it to because it's now available at Sight & Sound TV

Here's a direct link to the article: For Su...
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Joyce and I were on Pray with Others Live today, along with Intercessors for America's President and CEO, Dave Kubal, who interviewed David Holt, an intercessor from Uvalde, TX. Holt provided on-site insights and prayer direction to cover his hometown as it reels from last week's school shooting....
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Tonight and tomorrow are the last New York City performances of Oh Gosnell: A Show About the Truth. Joyce and I saw it last night, and it was incredibly powerful. I wrote about it for " A Triumph for Life in the NYC Theatre World!" It covers the trial of Kermit Gos...
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The Matter of Life
Tracy Robinson was on Pray with Others Live today talking about her film, The Matter of Life. We’re reposting my article about Robinson’s film because exactly two weeks after the draft majority opinion of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked...
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Here's the interview I did with Allen Wolf, writer and director of The Sound of Violet:

It's for my article about the film: " Powerful Film Tackles Human Trafficking."

Here are my initial thoughts the night I saw it...

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