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 On today's Headline Prayer Live we covered a great number of topics facing America and the world today, including two articles Joyce and I wrote. 

Here's Joyce's:
Prayer for the Lost
Lord, point those who need salvation toward the mercies of the Savior. Let them mourn their sin and tur...
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Joyce wrote this article, about the founder of one of the few news sources we trust these days. It ran on recently:

Lord, thank You for Floyd Brown and The Western Journal. Please prosper his efforts to provide news with a Christian worldview. Amen.

Floyd Brown, found...
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Here's an article Joyce wrote for Intercessors for America about the chapel message that launched the Asbury Outpouring
Lord, pour Your Love through Asbury to Your people, and to the nations, and back again to You in worship and adoration.

At times, hushed whispers of adoration. At other ti...
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Joyce's was the lead article in today's The Informer, sent out through Intercessors for America...
Lord, when government is dangerous, we look to You in Your temple; You test the righteous and hate the wicked (Psalm 11:4–5). 

Analysis. What are we to do when the government’s actions harm cit...
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This article by Joyce was posted to on February 14, and I forgot to share it in the excitement of the Asbury Outpouring

Lord, convict us of self-focus causing us to be sensitive to offense. Bind the spirit of offense away from us. In Jesus’ name. 

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