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Last week I played one of the narrators and a messenger of the Eternal One for the story of Samson in the reading series  Hears the Story. As Providence would have it, I got to be in a scene with Christ Over Career founder, Cameron Arnett (actor in Overcomer, I Still Believe, Running the Bases...
02.28.23 08:40 AM - Comment(s)
Joyce and I have just returned from the Asbury Outpouring. If you're not on our prayer team, you may not have heard, but Asbury University's February 8 service still hasn't ended! As I write it's been going for 277 continuous hours! Joyce and I were reporting on it, and you can see our articles and ...
02.20.23 09:00 AM - Comment(s)
I want to thank those of you on our prayer team who were praying for last Tuesday’s event at The Salvation Army's Theatre 315 in Manhattan! I so wished I'd invited you on the NYC list

The event went miraculously well, far beyond what I imagined or expected. After a brief introduction, our r...
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