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"It's Not 'Just a Movie': The Power of Media to Shape Culture"
Plus: "It's Not 'Just a Movie': The Power of Media to Shape Culture" Today Joyce and I had articles that led the list of Intercessors for America’s The Informer. Here’s Joyce’s: Lord, conform us into the image of Jesus. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, that we might overcome...
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Final Days of Commanding the Foreword
This article ran on on August 26... Lord, thank You for the many ways your people are commanding the foreword from coast to coast, declaring our founding documents to You Who inspired them! Help us finish the task! Hear our prayers for protection, healing, and revival!
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Painting Our Borders
After Intercessors for America ran my piece about praying over our borders, “Circumnavigating Manhattan with Prayer," I reached out to Pam in Georgia, who I quoted in the article. She's been tracking the prayer in all fifty states. After the article posted I reached out to her to let ...
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Painting our States
My article "Circumnavigating Manhattan with Prayer" posted yesterday on, and it includes highlights from our 32 miles of cycling around Manhattan.
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Healing from Sex Trafficking Can Happen
Last Tuesday Joyce and I were both on Intercessors for America's program Headline Prayer Live covering our articles and others. Joyce wrote about whistleblowers, and I wrote about the film Don't Say My Name.
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Moving Testimony...
Rebekah Cook, one of our first screen children, told us about this touching short film she and our friend Leona Worcester were a part of when Tracy Robinson was gearing up for her important documentary The Matter of Life.
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Facing Undeserved Curses
Intercessors for America posted Joyce's article and my video footage this morning on Lord, protect Your servants from curses: An undeserved curse has no effect (Prov. 26:2 TLB). “I’m satan, and I’m going to kill you!” The ill-kept man hurled this curse at Sean Feucht...
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Tackling Trafficking
We recently covered our articles and others with themes on human trafficking on Intercessors For America's Headline Prayer Live...
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A Blessed Declaration Day!
We were on site to rededicate America to the Lord at the Cape Henry Memorial Cross — something we’d planned for some time — and happened to do it on the same day that Dutch Sheets, who will be speaking at IFA’s 50th anniversary celebration, and Greg Hood were there to do the same thing.
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Praying with Priestly Power
Yesterday morning Joyce's article "Praying with Priestly Power" was posted to, and Joyce talked about it as the host of Headline Prayer Live. Judy McDonough, who typically hosts the program, was away, and I was, too...
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Brave Lawyer Warns NY Over COVID Detention Centers
This morning my interviews with Attorney Lindsay posted on Lord, thank You for Tricia Lindsay as she sues New York for tyrannical policies and plans. Set the people free! Attorney Tricia Lindsay has sued New York state on several fronts, and she warns citizens...
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Dump Anxiety and Sound the Alarm
Today Joyce and I were on Headline Prayer Live, covering our stories and others from Here's Joyce's article: Dump Anxiety and Give Him Your ‘Stuff’...
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Update on Kirk Camerons Story Hours
Victory News used footage I took last December for IFA, and IFA ran that Victory News story: Lord, continue to empower Kirk Cameron as he tells his story to children and points them to truth. ...
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Satanic Ritual at Pro-Life Center

I wrote an intro for this story for

Lord, our hearts are grieved by the slaughter of innocents. How horrible that those who thirst after the blood of humans would shed the blood of animals to worship Satan and frighten those doing Your work! Bring them under conviction, O...

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An Update from Kirk Cameron
Victory News interviewed Kirk Cameron to ask how his book reading series is going:
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From Loneliness to Unity There Must Be Love
Between the posting of Joyce’s article “The Weaponization of Loneliness” and my article “Praying for Unity” on I woke at 12:10 Mountain Time and heard “Romans”: “Love one another with brotherly affection.”
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I recently wrote these two articles for "Homeschool Interrupted by an FBI Battering Ram" and "Is the FBI Becoming America's KGB?"
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Witchcraft Will Never Prevail Over the Elect

Joyce's latest article for Intercessors for America

Lord, we agree that we do not labor in vain, but that we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before. We join You in this decree: Witchcraft will never thrive or succeed over a people born free. Amen.

At an IFA gathering I attended re...

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I recently did an interview with Nooshig Salvador -- who plays a key role inThe Diary of Perpetua -- and her priest Father Andreas Garabedian about today’s Armenian Genocide in Azerbaijan.
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Yesterday on Intercessors for America's Pray with America's Leaders Joyce and I reported again from the campus of Asbury University, where the outpouring continues, in its 214th hour as I write. They closed down Hughes Auditorium for for eleven hours for a deep clean and inspection of the 96-year-o...
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