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As we pulled away from the pier for Corregidor there was a prayer for our trip on the video monitor. My friend, Chris, said, "You mean they don't do that in New York on the way to Ellis Island?"
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We were surprised that the clerk who checked us into our hotel in Manila was still there to check us out. She said they work 12 hour shifts for 250 pesos. That works out to about US$0.46 an hour. She said it's better than being unemployed.
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This church, Christ Commission Fellowship, is gathering for its annual anniversay celebration. They started 24 years ago in a living room. They usually meet around Manila in smaller fellowships. None of the pastors take a salary, so that they don't attract ministers for the wrong reason.

The Chief o...

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When I was here in Hong Kong in 2002 we noticed large groups of Filipinos sitting on the ground in public squares. We found out that they are live-in help, so they have no place else to go on a Sunday, their one day off. Our hearts were moved to reach them somehow.

Yesterday I found out that my ...
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This ramp was set up for the youth behind the Nazarene church, where I performed.
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That means "mix mix." It's a good description not only of this treat made of about 20 different things but also of Filipino cuisine in general. They've been influenced by the cultures of Asia, Spain and America and all three and more show up in their food. They do tend toward sweet things....
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