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Here are the miracles posted to before this blog was moved:

We saw War Room​ for the second time to help it stay in the number one spot at the box office, but I was moved as deeply and laughed just as hard. It all holds together, and I don't see a weak link. It's in sec...

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My intro to the new trailer and new poster for Jesus Revolution posted on " The Jesus Revolution Is Coming!" The article has a link to free tickets! 

I'm always so blessed by the comments people leave, so be ...
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I had Dupuytren’s contracture in my hands. There were bumps all over both hands, but when Joyce prayed over them, about a year ago, they all went away but two. It was such an immediate miracle we sensed the Lord was saving the other two for later. 

Someone photographed
the moment! It was
just a...
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On this day in 1942 my grandfather came back from the dead! 

Grandma told that story on October 29 every year, but she went to be with the Lord in 1988, and I haven't heard or told the story intentionally on this day of the year since. The tradition is being rekindled in a big way on  ww...
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Last night, after a series of great dinners with great friends, we watched The Perfect Stranger, which is the ultimate great dinner! A cynical lawyer gets an invitation to dinner at her favorite restaurant with Jesus Christ, and He answers all of her questions, quite profoundly. I highly recommend...
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The crumbled walls of Jericho and
Mount of Temptation from
our trip in 1999.
I got to open this morning's service at Westchester ChapelPastor Randy Solomon preaches on the fall of the walls of Jericho from  Joshua 6Here is an article which discusses the archeological evidenc...
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Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This interview with Ruth Friesen and my grandmother, Hilda Miller, is in 1987. I digitized it from a VHS cassette in 2009, and searched the web for Ruth Friesen and her show, Beauty of Life. I wanted to get her blessing to post the program, but there w...
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Photo by Jan C.
I got to open the service this morning at Westchester Chapel talking about this photo of the Cross in the clouds.

Rachel Taylor preaches on Ezra 3:8-13. She shares her experience at the TAM Conservatory. Joyce prays over the sermon. Rachel mentions the final performance of Cele...
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Joyce and I walked down to the Hudson River today and filmed the time-lapse footage of the solar eclipse below.

My father told me that my great-grandmother remembered the total eclipse of 1918. She remembered that it freaked out the chickens.  

Two of the folks who shared our
eclipse glass...
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We never got all five faculty members
who were my former students together
for a single photo, but this is
Jonathon Shaffstall, Brad Cain,
and Kathryn Ballantine. 
All week I've been performing, teaching and directing at the Salvation Army's TAM Conservatory, where we've been meditating on Ac...
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When Joyce and I first moved to Midtown Manhattan in 2008 I was coming down this escalator the first time we saw a movie at the AMC Empire 25, and I said a prayer that one day I'd be coming down the same escalators having seen a film in which I'd performed.

Maybe I was prompted to pray that night b...
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I'll be performing tomorrow for the St. Louis Arts Fellowship, and this is the story of my last performance for them...

I play a lead in Providence, a modern silent film opening in theatres coast to coast starting February 12.

Registration is now open...
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I was wowed by War Room! I wasn't the only one. Variety called it: Box Office: Zac Efron Getting Outplayed by Faith-Based ‘War Room,’...

I heard Stephen Kendrick speak at the final San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, and he said that the Christian film industry is growing up. It may h...
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With Njeri in 2007.
As soon as I could understand English I was hearing stories about my mom growing up in Kenya when my grandparents were missionaries there from 1948-1953. So I grew up grateful for Njeri Gitonga, who watched over Mom and my Aunt Jeri when Grandma and Grandpa Miller were away m...
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Pastor Joyce Swingle preached on  Matthew 7:7-11.

Her husband, Rich, gave a report on how the Lord moved at the Salvation Army performing arts conservatory, where he taught, directed and performed last week.

Pastor Joyce shares about how their 10-year prayer was answered for a space at housi...
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I read the following story, posted by MasterWorks MasterClass instructor Bev Holloway, just after an extraordinary encounter on a plane ride that we might have missed: 

“A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January morning. He played six Ba...
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We've come to London to share my play about Eric Liddell ( ...
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In 1942 my grandfather, Jimmy Ostema, the first husband of my grandma, Hilda Triezenberg, had taken a trip to Chicago, which was almost 200 miles away from their home in Charleston, Illinois, to show off his newborn baby, my mom, Judy, to friends and relatives. On that trip he got sick, and his temp...
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Just before boarding my flight to Chicago on Friday I got a call saying that there was a chance that my Saturday night performance would be switched to Sunday night so we'd have more time to prep.  So I got on the phone with the airline and explained that the only reason I was flying to Chicag...
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Eventually the Facebook thread will submerge, so here's the backward chronology of the prayer requests and answers for tonight's performance...

Rich Swingle: I forgot to report another miracle: there was no slow
traffic...through Chicago...on a stormy rush hour.
about an hour ago via Em...
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