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The Diary of Perpetua

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 On today's Headline Prayer Live we covered a great number of topics facing America and the world today, including two articles Joyce and I wrote. 

Here's Joyce's:
Prayer for the Lost
Lord, point those who need salvation toward the mercies of the Savior. Let them mourn their sin and tur...
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I recently did an interview with Nooshig Salvador -- who plays a key role inThe Diary of Perpetua -- and her priest Father Andreas Garabedian about today’s Armenian Genocide in Azerbaijan.
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Last night -- on the 1,820th anniversary of Perpetua's execution --  The Diary of Perpetua was streamed, and we got to answer questions from the audience as cast and crew: 

Find out more about this wonderful project and how it's an answer to my prayer from 1991 by clicking here.

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We've been nominated for Best Justice - Persecution at the Content2022 Film Festival and Media Summit!

The festival will take place in September 2022 at Capernaum Studios, where Season One of The Chosen and Volume One of Washington's Armor were filmed.

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