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In 2008 I was on a plane between Chicago and New York, and I told a gentleman on my row that I was going to be performing in Beijing during the Olympics and I'd like to have Beyond the Chariots translated into as many languages as possible. He said, I think our church could translate it to Kore...
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This video was prepared for my performance and workshop in Korea earlier this month. We now have Korean translation slides available for Big Fish Little Worm as well as Beyond the Chariots, which was translated for performances in China during the Beij...
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Our last morning in Korea was spent at a monthly Bible study for the Steering Committee for Far East Broadcasting Company, the radio station that interviewed me last week. Billy Kim (photo above), who oversees the FEBC, was the translator for Billy Graham during his 1973 crusade. Since then, Billy...
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My camera phone doesn't capture them, but we can see 10 red crosses of churches from one window in the Seoul Tower.

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This morning I was interviewed on the Far East Broadcasting Company, and the interview will go out to the regions indicated on this map.

After the interview I got to perform Big Fish/Little Worm for Billy Kim and his staff at Far East Broadcasting Company. Dr. Kim is the grandfather of my former t...
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Students spend five hours studying here and only sleep that same amount.

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A rooster crowed just as I snapped this shot of Suwon, Korea, at sunrise. We're off to perform Big Fish Little Worm and Beyond the Chariots for the US Army 8th Command, stationed in Seoul.

Earlier on this trip we performed Beyond the Chariots with Korean translations at Wonchon Baptist Church, he...
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This is a traditional Korean farmers' dance. I can't imagine they work in the fields dressed in white!
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This table marks the border between North and South Korea.  Standing in North Korea we prayed for their nation and for the two to be restored.  All of the South Koreans that we've spoken to seem to want this.  Many families have been separated by the division.  The only way to v...
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Joyce and I are in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. One half of this sphere is missing North Korea. The other half is missing South Korea. This sculpture is a sort of enacted prayer for the reunification of Korea.

You can see photos of the inside of each half of the sphere un...
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We just surfaced after walking down into one of four tunnels that the North Koreans created in a plan to launch a surprise attack South Korea in the 70's. This one was revealed by a gentleman who defected to South Korea.

We were unable to take photos in the tunnel itself, but the walls were painte...
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Joyce and I woke in the night to the sound of a storm. This morning we discovered that it was a typhoon that destroyed dozens of trees on the campus where we're staying. Many schools were closed throughout Korea, but we're thanking the Lord that the school where I taught today stayed open. Yay!
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This building was created for families separated by the division to meet in the DMZ, but North Korea has never allowed citizens to leave so the building only welcomes tourists.
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This design indicates the clasped hands of unification.

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This train station was built in hopes of unification. Once there is only one Korea we will be allowed to travel all the way to London. It is currently the northern terminus.
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Joyce is standing on the other side of the photo line. The crossed out camera on the top of the pole indicates that once you cross the yellow line you cannot take photos.

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This village in North Korea is not really inhabited. It was designed to lure South Koreans to defect. They used to send propaganda over the border through blaring loudspeakers. The flag is one of the tallest in the world at 160m, which beats the one in Kuala Lumpur by 60m.
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At a certain point some Koreans were allowed to choose sides. They could cross this bridge, but once they did they could never return.

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This 1-hole, par 3 course in the DMZ is surrounded by land mines.
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We were supposed to fly direct from LA to Hong Kong, but winds over the Polar Ice Cap this time of year often prohibit flights that long.

I had stops here each way when I ran a cross-country race in Canton, China, as a high schooler.
On that trip we got a tour of the Olympic pavilion, just as the...
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