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This photo has all of our acting students, but two of the
filmmaking students left before this photo was taken.
Photo courtesy of Pete P.
We had what we as faculty thought was our smoothest Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp to date! This was the 12th year of Film Camp, and I've taught there ...
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Joyce and I got to work on a short film by Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers and Actors Camp alumni William and Morgan Willer ( It's a Life Worth Living, " There").

It's now available for viewing:
REFLECTION from William Willer on Vimeo.

We we...
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In a time when darkness, strife, and division seem to reign--very much like the time Jesus was born--we pray Joy to the World!
Joy to the World; The Lord is come;
Let earth receive her King:
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing.

Joy to the Earth, The Saviour reigns;
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Joyce and I joined my former students William and Morgan Willer who directed and produced the short film, "There."

Joyce served on crew, and I played a father in search of his daughter during a storm who finds that he has to decide between getting her to safety and bringing a woman in la...
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Robert Puncher played our 21st screen child.
Joyce and I performed in this short film by Joseph Holmes. Joyce played an anxious woman, and I got to play the role of God, for which I was nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Short Film at the International Christian Film Festival and Best Comedic Perform...
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Joyce and I performed the rolls of Ferris and Danae Chapman in this outstanding film shot in and near Calgary.

It's available at

Here's a recording of Greg Lammiman (writer/producer) and Dallas Lammiman (director) after the film screened at the 2021 International Chr...

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Joyce and I play husband and wife in this intriguing romance, produced and directed by Daniel Knudsen, who I met on the set of Christmas Grace. He also directed me in Creed of Gold, The King's Messengers, and the upcoming film, Lifestone Velocity.

There's a scene in which Joyce and I a...
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We just watched Donald James Parker's The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah, in which Joyce and I play husband and wife.

It was shown on Daystar Television Network, but you can order the DVD now.

The Dove Foundation gave it a great review: Dove Family-Approved. The review said, " This one has earned ...
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I played Frederick Lehman in the film Indescribable, which tells how my character and his kids wrote the hymn "The Love of God". I'm the Papa to nine children, and my beloved bride, Joyce, played the Mama beautifully.

I also got to coach the man playing Rabbi Lazer on his Hebrew.

It w...
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