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01.08.19 11:47 AM Comment(s) By Rich

Joyce and I got to work on a short film by Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers and Actors Camp alumni William and Morgan Willer ( It's a Life Worth Living, " There").

It's now available for viewing:
REFLECTION from William Willer on Vimeo.

We were greeted with my favorite verse, which Morgan remembered from Film Camp and wrote in calligraphy on a card!

I'm playing the role of the father of a young woman played by Joanna Ferbrache ( Celebrity Confessions), who is being seduced by my character's arch nemesis, played by Andrew Hurt ( Polycarp, " One Day"). I'm also serving as acting and accent coach. We've set it in Florida in the late 30s, so the cast (and some of the crew) were speaking in Southern accents all week. One of them said to me, "I don't know if I'll be able to stop talking like this when we leave!" We were all having a ton of fun in the Florida sun!

On Day Two I got to drive this 193 Chevrolet nicknamed "Ethel," and it was an AMAZING experience!

The production value has been astonishing! The cars, costumes, furniture, and especially the locations, almost all donated in order to help tell the Lord's truths in film. It's going to look like a much more expensive production than it is.

We were particularly grateful for The Banyan Estate, which was a 1927 school house that was refurbished just over a year ago. It's an amazing event space for weddings and business events.

This time last year many of this same crew created the short film, "There," which you can watch here:

You can find this page at We'll announce when the film is released through emailings to which you can subscribe at

Click to see the best of the photos Joyce and I took on and around set.

Here are our Production Diaries filmed and edited by Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmaker alumna Morgan Willer...

Day 1

Day 2 (This shows the 1930 Chevrolet named "Ethel" I got to drive.)

Pre-Rigging at the amazing  Banyan Estate (I was performing " The New King" on Epiphany while they were setting up.)

Day 3 (Filmed at the  Banyan Estate.)

Day 4 (More footage of me driving Ethel.)

Day 5 (This has my favorite line that won't make it into the film.)

Day 6 (We wrapped by lunch! Unheard of!)

There are still openings for the 2019 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.
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