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I performed in two of the four parts to this mini-series set in the fictional nation of Zanora. Once again, Daniel Knudsen has brought truth to the screen in a delightful way. This is my sixth collaboration with Daniel, and it's always a joy!

It was selected for the 2017 Christian Worldview Film ...
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Our poster was miraculously in the main
lobby of AMC Empire. It could have gone
anywhere in the labyrinth of 25 screens.
I played the adult male lead role of Mitchell Little in the feature-length music video, Providence, which had a limited nationwide theatrical release through AMC Independent...
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Joyce and I play husband and wife in this intriguing romance, produced and directed by Daniel Knudsen, who I met on the set of Christmas Grace. He also directed me in Creed of Gold, The King's Messengers, and the upcoming film, Lifestone Velocity.

There's a scene in which Joyce and I a...
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Now available in Walmart.
Daniel Knudsen had left the set of Indescribable before Joyce and I got there to play Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Lehman, but the set was abuzz about his upcoming film, Creed of Gold.  I met Daniel when I performed in Christmas Grace. We had a great chat about the power of f...
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Confessions of a Prodigal Son, in which I play a homeless man in LA, was written and produced by Nathan Clarkson, one of my former students. He also plays the lead role! 

Kevin Sorbo (Hurcules, God's Not Dead) plays a pastor, and another former student, Nathan's brother Joel Clar...
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In His Steps: The Movie
I play the role of John Gray, the owner of the White Cross Kitchen, in the film In His Steps. It premiered in Montrose, Colorado, on December 7, 2013, and is available on DVD and digital download.
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I play a quirky clerk in Christmas Grace. It's a wonderful story of forgiveness and... well, grace. I sob the whole third act every Season.

You can see it on TV throughout the Christmas Season.

It's also available in Family Christian bookstores across the nation as well as the following online sto...
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I'm excited to have played the Hollywood director Forrest "Woodsy" Woods in this fun 1940's film about a couple of writers who are locked in a room and can't come out until the script is done... at 8am the next morning.

It debuted to a packed room with about 50 people standing at the Chris...
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As we walked into the theater I stopped Joyce and said, "We've been praying for this moment for a very long time!" So we stopped and praised the Lord for my first nationwide theatrical release!

Now it's being released to DVD on April 21, 2015.

We noticed improvements since we saw it scr...
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I played Frederick Lehman in the film Indescribable, which tells how my character and his kids wrote the hymn "The Love of God". I'm the Papa to nine children, and my beloved bride, Joyce, played the Mama beautifully.

I also got to coach the man playing Rabbi Lazer on his Hebrew.

It w...
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I played the role of Coach Sean Ryan in the film For the Glory. You can order a copy at or on digital download on

We also had several actors from the MasterWorks Theatre Program taking part, including Danny Cornett, who played the best friend of the pr...
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We finished our documentary Olympic Hero in China: The Eric Liddell Story in time for the Beijing Olympics. I interviewed Mary Previte, Hudson Taylor's great-granddaughter, and provided questions for most of the interviews.

I had opportunities to share before and after screenings in Hong Kong and M...
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