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Unsung Hero

04.27.24 08:37 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Another Escalator Prayer Answered

We just got back from seeing Unsung Hero and absolutely loved it! It was so moving and such a picture of trusting the Lord at every step. 

Here's my connection to the film: 

Here's some backstory on my escalator prayer: In 2000 I was at the premiere of the AMC Empire 25 on Times Square. My friend Nancy Buchanan was the producer of the gala, which was a benefit for a few Times Square charities including The Lamb's Church of the Nazarene, where I had been an intern and lived for four years. The event left quite an impression on me, so when we moved to Midtown Manhattan it became our theatre of choice, and it was after that first film there that I was reflecting on the gala and prayed that one day I'd be descending that escalator having seen a film I was in. 

You can read more about how special the AMC Empire 25 is by clicking here.

In case you haven't watched the video, I'm not in the film, but thanks to Bev Holloway I was the accent coach for Terry O'Quinn. 

And here's what I wrote down the night I told Joel Smallbone about my work:  "Joel was hoping all the Australian characters could be played by Australians, but he was so pleased with Terry O'Quinn playing his grandfather, and Joel said, "I never questioned his accent."

I also have to thank Ash Sellers, a friend in Sydney, who was willing to record Terry's lines for him, which helped tremendously in the coaching process. 

I'm so blessed with the work Terry did and how the film turned out! 


We're so very blessed by some recent gifts which have put us closer to our budget for our upcoming trip to bring my one-man play Beyond the Chariots to Europe...

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