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Joyce and I joined my former students William and Morgan Willer who directed and produced the short film, "There."

Joyce served on crew, and I played a father in search of his daughter during a storm who finds that he has to decide between getting her to safety and bringing a woman in la...
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Crystal Van Artsdalen, Rebekah Stought,
Rachel Marley and Morgan Fairbanks
have been my students at MasterWorks
 and The Rocky Mountain Christian
Filmmakers Camp
I played several roles and served as Afghan accent coach in the audio dramas Escape from the Eagle's Nest and The Giant Killer fo...
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I got to reprise my role as the slave trader in Polycarp in a review of the film by Zack Lawrence. We filmed the opening sequence at The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp, where I taught film acting and coached the actors in their student films....
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I got to coach the actors in this student film for the  Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp. What a thrill to be a part of John Fornof's first foray into film acting! He's an incredibly accomplished audio drama director, and he "paid" for his acting lessons and coaching by provi...
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Joyce preaches on Exodus 2:7.

The film below was written by Rich Swingle for the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp, where students performed and filmed it under the supervision of faculty.

Here's a g...
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Joyce opens the service with prayer.  Dr. Linda Warren teaches on Exodus 20:1-3, also addressing  Joshua 24:14-28Pastor Jim Warren prayed over the teaching.

This service is available for download free on  iTunes, where you can ...
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