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Joyce and I are typically on Pray with Others Live the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month, but today I got to fill in for one of my colleagues. Among others, I covered an article I wrote about a new podcast detailing the investigation and trial of the serial baby killer Kermit Gosnell: "...
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When I first arrived on the Belhaven campus they were playing Chariots of Fire on the speakers outside their athletic complex. What a way to welcome me (by the random player of sports-themed music) to perform the rest of the Chariots story with my play: .

The next ...
04.12.11 05:20 PM - Comment(s)
I just got back from Jackson, MS, to teach and perform at Belhaven University. Jackson is the home of best man at our wedding,  Mac Nelson. He taught at Belhaven several years ago. There are four Belhaven alums that I got to work with as students, and one is attending Belhaven now.

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I didn't have time to go into her home, which is now a museum across the street from Belhaven University.

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These two buildings on the Belhaven University campus used to be joined until a fire destroyed the connecting structure.

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Sometimes days planned with great care can be a bit of a letdown because they couldn't possibly live up to the expectation.

And then there are days like today!

I had planned to fly back from Jackson, MS, in the afternoon in case a booking developed for Sunday morning. It didn't, but I was thrille...
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