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We were so blessed to see The Horse and His Boy at the Museum of the Bible! I gave some of our impressions in this video I recorded outside the Lena Horne Theatre on Broadway...

The Horse and His Boy closes on March 4. They added a show because that matinee sold out. 

I got permission to s...
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We had such a profoundly impacting week at the Lamplighter Guild! 

The students I was working with started with enacted prayers of actual prayer requests. Then we used sociodrama to weave those real prayers into a fictional drama. I was so proud of how we worked together to create a new work...
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I had the privilege of directing the Voice Acting track at this year's Lamplighter Guild. Students in the writing track, directed by Dan Schwabauer (left), wrote three audio dramas and seven commercials. Music was composed by John Campbell as he walked his students through the process. The Soun...
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It was such an incredible blessing to take part in this year's Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines! It was all based on the theme "Facing Fear with Faith," and what an appropriate theme for this year marked by so many things we could be afraid of. 

I taught voice acting and...
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I've been praying for years that I could teach there, and recently that prayer was answered, and it was much more fulfilling than I'd imagined! Isn't that always the way with the Lord?

I guided almost forty students as they created four separate sketches through sociodrama.

After our final rehea...
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