Lena Horne and The Horse and His Boy

03.02.23 08:13 PM Comment(s) By Rich

We were so blessed to see The Horse and His Boy at the Museum of the Bible! I gave some of our impressions in this video I recorded outside the Lena Horne Theatre on Broadway...

The Horse and His Boy closes on March 4. They added a show because that matinee sold out. 

I got permission to share the code SHASTA with you, which will get you 25% off: Click here for tickets.

Three of my students from Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines were in it: (left to right)  Lael Lawless Goodrich, Caleb Smedra, Lael's husband Chandler (he wasn't my student, but we just had to get him in the photo) and  Lydia Miller (I only taught her a couple of hours at Lamplighter before she spent the rest of the week with  Patricia Mauceri).

We saw the play with our friend Cindy, who hosted my performances annually over the course of 20 years in the public schools where she taught. 

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