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A Prophet's Life
Joyce continues Westchester Chapel's series on "A Prophet’s Life: Lessons Learned From Those Called to Communicate God’s Truth” with a message from 1 Kings 18:41-46. She also refers to James 5:13-18.
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This article by Joyce was posted to on February 14, and I forgot to share it in the excitement of the Asbury Outpouring

Lord, convict us of self-focus causing us to be sensitive to offense. Bind the spirit of offense away from us. In Jesus’ name. 

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Joyce and I covered Kirk Cameron's book reading at the Scarsdale Public Library, just north of NYC: ' Kirk Cameron: “There’s More of Us than We Th...
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Today on Pray with Others Live we covered several articles, including two we wrote. Joyce's article was " Restraining Satan," and mine was " IFA Wins Award at Content2022 Film Festival and Media Summit."

Here's our program:

These are my interviews with Tim Shields, director...
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We had such a wonderful week with these amazing people at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp! We completed the short film "Milk and Oranges" based on a true story told by Nathan Ashton, who shares seven film credits with me

This marked Joyce's directorial debut:
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I just did ADR (additional digital recording) for the film Rather to Be Chosen, in which Joyce and I play the parents of the protagonist.

To celebrate one step closer to the film's release I'm posting this video we put together of the transitional shave. Just before filming in the spring I still h...
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Joyce reported on performing as my character's wife in The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah. She also led communion and shared our thoughts on God's Not Dead.

Pastor Linda Warren preaches on Romans 3:1-8. Opening comments by Liz and Bill H. Bill mentioned Tim Keller's book, Encounters with Jesus.

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