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A new film about Eric Liddell is being released on November 3 in select theaters and online simultaneously. I'll be fielding questions after two of the screenings in NYC.

This is an answer to a prayer I've been praying since 1981 when Chariots of Fire won four Academy Awards. I wanted to know...
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Performing Big Fish Little Worm on the lawn.
Photo by Joyce Swingle.

We were SO blessed to be a part of the ministry team at the Salvation Army's Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky (SWONEKY) Divisional Family Camp this past weekend.

The Acts.
Photo by Amanda Metcalf.
I performed Big Fish Little Worm ...
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James' grandfather, the great-great grandson of Hudson Taylor, saw Beyond the Chariots three times on our different trips to Hong Kong. You can read more about him here.

We were delighted to connect with James throughout the week and to pray with him tonight.

Can't wait to see how the Lord uses ...
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Just before boarding my flight to Chicago on Friday I got a call saying that there was a chance that my Saturday night performance would be switched to Sunday night so we'd have more time to prep.  So I got on the phone with the airline and explained that the only reason I was flying to Chicag...
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Joyce and I drove from Denver, where we're celebrating our Lord's birth with her family, to Nebraska to interview Tad Nagaki, one of seven paratroopers who liberated the internment camp where Eric Liddell died. Tad will be 90 years old next month and is still farming!

We connected with him through...
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I received the following from the youth pastor at the church where I first met Dr. Taylor. He gave me permission to post it here.

I've attached some of my thoughts I wrote down about Dr. Taylor. I wrote this exactly 1 week before his passing. I was thinking about him a lot once the news of his dec...
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Jim Hudson Taylor, III, died on March 20.

I knew his health was poor in recent days, but I had no idea how hard I'd cry when I read the news of his passing.

He's the great grandson of Hudson Taylor, and he's seen my play Beyond the Chariots all three times that I've performed it in Hong Kong, an...
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On the second night of the Olympics I performed Beyond the Chariots here in Hong Kong. Afterward H. K. Cheng (far right) told what Eric Liddell was like as one of his instructors at the Tientsin Anglo-Chinese College and Rev. Jim Hudson Taylor, great grandson of Hudson Taylor (next to his wife, Leo...
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This was the second time I performed Beyond the Chariots in Hong Kong. Dr. James "Jamey" Hudson Taylor III is a great-grandson of Hudson Taylor, who spearheaded missions in China in the late 1800's.

Jamey had agreed to speak afterward, but he came down with a cold and asked if I'd excuse ...
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In February I performed Beyond the Chariots in Hong Kong. After the performance several of us were kicking ourselves that Jim Taylor didn't say something about his experience in the concentration camp with Eric Liddell as a boy. We wished we could have used his talk to drive the message of the play...
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Dr. Jim Hudson Taylor, III, a great-grandson of the "Father of Modern Missions," was able to see Beyond the Chariots here in Hong Kong. He was a boy in the Japanese concentration camp, where Eric spent his last years. Dr. Taylor gave me some details that helped finesse the script, and he s...
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I was about to perform Beyond the Chariots for the Mandarin Bible Church, which meets on the 27th floor of a building on Hong Kong Island.

As I was admiring the view I discovered that the great-grandson of Hudson Taylor attends the church. Hudson Taylor is considered the Father of Modern Missions, ...
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