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I was so blessed to play Elis in an online reading of August Strindberg’s play Easter with Salvation Army's Theatre 315. It's a play we strongly considered when I was directing the theatre program at the MasterWorks Festival, but we never did it because it has such a small cast. We all had a blast ...
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I do a dramatic reading of Scripture for our Good Friday service at Westchester Chapel.  Dr. Linda Warren leads us through the Passion of Jesus Christ through teaching and testimonies of various members of our church family: Melanie S., Rachel Taylor, Pastor Jim Warren, Pastor Randy Solomon,...
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Joyce reprised the role of the Shepherd's Daughter for Palm Sunday. She performed her original piece in the Shepherd's Cave in Bethlehem. This is a new script for Holy Week. 

To watch it in your home we suggest  a donation of $2 (

Once you've made a donati...
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Tonight I was at a cast and crew screening of Three Days Later, a film that tells the story of the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord in such a unique and creative way. We’re in the upper room with the disciples after the crucifixion as they battle their doubts. Those who raise hope and faith hav...
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I got to open this morning's service at Westchester Chapel with a dramatic reading of Matthew 27:45-54Dr. Linda Warren brings the Resurrection Day teaching from Matthew 27:45-54 and 28:1-10.

Pastor Jim Warren in his
Easter best... a few years
Have a blessed Resurrection Day, everyone!

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I was so blessed to take part in this Resurrection Day celebration by
Anita Cordell, who's performed in four film projects with me.

It won Best Christian Message at the Content2020 Film Festival and Media Summit

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I hope you're able to attend an online Resurrection Day service, if not, send me a message in the form below and I'll send you an invite to our virtual service. In the meantime I invite you to supplement it with this service at Bethany Baptist Church, where I performed for their Resurrection Day se...
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We put together a dramatic reading of the story of Christ's Passion taken from all four Gospels. It is illustrated with works of classic artists over a music bed by John Fornof. This was conceived and performed live for the Good Friday service at Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene, April 10,...
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I got to open our service and read Psalm 118:1-5, 19-29 and  Mark 14:32-42Pastor Randy Solomon sums up our Men's Bible Study, Steps to the Cross, and brings the study to its conclusion in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

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