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Three Days Later

03.28.21 02:59 AM Comment(s) By Rich

Tonight I was at a cast and crew screening of Three Days Later, a film that tells the story of the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord in such a unique and creative way. We’re in the upper room with the disciples after the crucifixion as they battle their doubts. Those who raise hope and faith have them batted down by their friends. We hear stories that only some of the disciples had experienced, which makes them so fresh. I’m so blessed to have had the small role of one of Peter’s accusers in a flashback.

Many of you prayed that the forecasted rain would be stopped, but the Lord answered through creative staging: They used a covered alley! Cast, crew and equipment stayed dry, but the rain fell so consistently in the background that it became another character in the story of Peter’s depression.

Times Square Church played Part 1 on Good Friday and Part 2 on Resurrection Day, but you can watch the whole film below...

March 1, 2021

A prayer of my heart from about 1994 was answered last night. 

When I was a boy Mom read The Cross and the Switchblade to us. If you're not familiar with that title, it tells the story of how David Wilkerson felt called by the Lord to leave his rural surroundings and go to New York City to minister among gang members. It was quite dramatic and captured my imagination. 

When the Lord called me from my rural setting to New York City in 1993, shortly after discovering that David Wilkerson had founded Times Square Church I attended one of their services. I walked into the Mark Hellinger Theatre, the Broadway theatre where they meet, and I prayed that one day I'd get to be a part of one of their productions. 
Last night I performed in their post-apocalyptic Passion project, Three Days Later. I play Xavier, the third person to accuse Peter of knowing the Lord. 

I give the Lord the glory for answering this prayer so many decades later... but right on time.

Keep scrolling for my thoughts that night from the Times Square Church stage...

  I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Acts, at

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