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Five Bells for 9/11

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Where We Were on 9/11?
Patti Souder and Jana Carman wrote People Like Us: Eden and Beyond in 1997, and I got to see a production of it at The Lamb's Little Theatre. Patti and I got to know each other on a group drive between NYC to Toronto where I performed I Dreamed I Was Free at a Christians in Theatre Arts conference.
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This show should be done ESPECIALLY on Memorial and Veterans Day. On the latter two official national holidays - we remember those in uniform, but with Sept 11th....Rich’s show reminds us that we must also remember civilians who wore a uniform of 'HONOR' the man who ran towards the towers and...

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Very recently I had the honor and pleasure to meet and work with Rich Swingle. He is without a doubt one of the most talented, creative people I know. He knew I had some personal connections to 9/11 so he shared his performance of “5 Bells For 9/11 NYC” with me. From the moment Rich walks on stage, ...
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I watched your 'Five Bells for 9/11' with great interest (and EMOTION). My California community sent me to 9/11 where I worked directly next to Ground Zero to provide sanitation, healthy food and liquid supplies for the NYFD Fireworkers, NYPD and New Jersey's 'Wall of the Blue', EMT's, and so many ...
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Several months ago I was coaching a gentleman who helped install 3,000 of these flags in Battery Park on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The red and blue rows on each flag are made up of all the names of those who were killed on 9/11. When he heard about my play, Five Bells for 9/11,  he gav...
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