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We were blown away by the creativity of our Creator while we were in Africa a month ago! We saw the wonders of his love everywhere we looked, and we can be sure that Heaven will be better than the best of earth... and without sin! Wow!

The only snow we saw in Africa was
atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, the t...
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Pastor Joyce Swingle preaches on Romans 10:1-15. Communion and announcements by Pastor Randy Solomon, who revealed that Men's Group will resume September 6. Guitar background by Tim B. Pastor Joyce gave a report on the Swingles' time on Mars (played by Calgary) in the upcoming film Mayflower II. Pa...
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Joyce and I performed the rolls of Ferris and Danae Chapman in this outstanding film shot in and near Calgary.

It's available at

Here's a recording of Greg Lammiman (writer/producer) and Dallas Lammiman (director) after the film screened at the 2021 International Chr...

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Rich with Ian Sadler, organist for
Chariots of Fire.
My Toronto performance of Beyond the Chariots in April was bookended by Ian Sadler playing the same pieces on the organ as he did in the Academy Award-winning film Chariots of Fire. To hear "Jerusalem" played as it had in the film, j...
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Our play, Beyond the Chariots, was translated into Chinese, Korean and Spanish for the Beijing Olympics, and for Vancouver 2010 we had audience members who benefited from the translations at all but one performance. We had a group of Spanish-speakers who we thought would be attending that day, so w...
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We just left Canada behind, and we're enroute to Beijing.
Okay, now we're directly over the North Pole, but the picture isn't as interesting: It's 5:45 in the afternoon in NYC, 6:45 in the morning in Beijing, and I don't know what time that makes it on the North Pole, but it's dark. No, wait! I s...
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Our church is moving, so this Sunday will be our last worship experience in our old space.

The chairs will already be packed up.

Our pastor has given me permission to speak about the extraordinary worship we've experienced three years running at Territorial (see links below) as an introduction to ...
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When I performed Beyond the Chariots at the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts we invited youth to come forward if they were willing to say, "Lord, send me anywhere." Between 20 and 30 youth fell at the altar. Joyce and I prayed with many of them. Most didn't have any idea where ...
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Here we are once again on the cusp of all out revival! Youth from all over the Salvation Army's Territory of Canada and Bermuda have come together to study music and drama. Our chaplains from the last two years, Stephen Court and Danielle Strickland ( have returned. If you didn't fo...
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There's now an article online which highlights how the Spirit moved last summer during the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts near Toronto. Click here to download the PDF.

For my postings on the event go to my archives for August and September.
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David Ivany is Territorial Youth Secretary for the Salvation Army. He works with youth and youth workers across Canada and Bermuda. He's grateful both nations are a part of the same territory since he's required to make visits!

I just found some of my students from the Territorial School of Music ...
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There was a knock at my door. I was up fairly late doing final edits to the film element of my students' performance tonight, for which we'll be bused into Toronto. I was fulfilling our theme for the week by being "deeper" in sleep than I usually am at that time, and I thought, I'm missin...
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Christine MacMillan, the Commissioner of this Territory (all of Canada and Bermuda) for the Salvation Army, greeted the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts during our midweek festival. She brought Kirk Guthrie up to illustrate how it's not about the externals but about the heart. She said ...
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This afternoon I'm flying to Toronto to perform The Revelation, teach, and direct at the Salvation Army's Territorial School for Music and Gospel Arts. Last year it was AMAZING. Click here for my reflections on last year's event: Territorial '04.

This year the director of the program, Len Ballantin...
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I had the privilege of initiating the first acting track at the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts for the Salvation Army. The chaplains for the week, Danielle Strickland and Stephen Court, led us step by step into an all out revival! I've been studying and praying for revival since colleg...
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